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Dar Jaguar's Facilities & Services

Here at a glance, is an overview of our riad hotel – its facilities as well as the many services we can offer you to enhance your stay with us.
There is simply too much to see, smell, touch and experience and not enough time to do it all.
I hope that our selection of activities distracts, indulges and inspires you…


Our Facilities

Dar Jaguar Four en suite Bedrooms

Dar Jaguar One Royal Suite

Dar Jaguar Bridal Suite by Arrangement

Dar Jaguar Three Seating Areas

Dar Jaguar Three Dining Areas

Dar Jaguar Fountain Courtyard

Dar Jaguar Rooftop Terrace

Dar Jaguar Plunge Pool

Dar Jaguar Cuisine: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Dar Jaguar Luxury Boutique

Dar Jaguar Free WIFI

Dar Jaguar Air Conditioning 

Our Services

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Comprehensive English-Speaking Concierge Service

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Party & Wedding Planning Service

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Exclusive “1001 Night” Banquet and Entertainments including Gnaoua drummers, oriental and belly dancers, fire eaters, snake charmers, DJ, mixologists and more!

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Massage & Beauty Treatments and Oriental Hammam Rituals

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Private Cooking, Yoga & Belly Dancing Lessons

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Private Excursions to the desert, waterfalls, Atlas mountains, seaside, Berber villages and beyond…

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Private Professional Tour Guide for the best shopping in the souk through to the finest cultural and historical sites of Marrakech

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar beautiful Henna Tattooing 

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Camel & Horse Riding and Hot Air Balloon Riding

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Golf & Sand Dune Buggying in the Desert

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Private Car Hire Chauffeur Service

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Airport Transfers

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Laundry, Ironing & Dry Cleaning Service

Dar Jaguar Dar Jaguar Parking Nearby

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