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This room is so peaceful and flooded with natural night and overlooks the fountain and jasmine below. We love waking to the birds chattering and always book this room.

Paulette and Joseph, Paris, Sep 2014

What inspired this name?

Gossamer’ is one of the most pleasurable, sensual words and one I like to use to describe something fragile and delicate – it suggests the diaphanous translucency of a cobweb.

There is also a range of exquisite butterflies with Gossamer Wings.

This is my lightest, most celestial room. Like a cloudless, aquamarine sky it is suffused with sunshine from five windows. It overlooks the beautiful Dar Jaguar courtyard, fountain and bougainvillea.

Gossamer Wings has twin beds or a double bed and exquisite Syrian hanging lights. As it is near to The State of Grace and also accessed by an independent staircase, it is perfect as an adjoining family room for children. Of the many hotels in Marrakech, few offer such a stylish lovely room at this irresistibly reasonable priced. 

The shower room is in pale blue tadlekt with a large handmade copper basin and an intricately carved half moon brass light that I had made in the medina.

Gossamer Wings

Starts from € 99.00 / Night:

Dar Jaguar Freshly prepared breakfast

Dar Jaguar Overlooking the Courtyard

Dar Jaguar Aqua Tadlekt Shower Room

Dar Jaguar Airport Transfer Service on Request

Dar Jaguar Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, No smoking

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