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My riad and me...

At the still point, there the dance is.

T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets

For just over the last decade I have been based in Notting Hill in London as a couture fashion designer and stylist. I created The State of Grace and from its sumptuous showroom and production atelier, my talented team and I design and make bespoke dresses, garments, jewellery, hats and all imaginable accessories for red carpet, special occasions and weddings.

Real Beauty is Authenticity.

Lucia Silver

I wanted to provide a highly personal service for a woman to discover her unique expression of femininity. By encouraging her to define her own style she would be natural, spontaneous, effortless and inevitably beautiful.

This for me, is what being in “a state of grace” means…

The desire to create my riad, and hopefully be one of the more romantic hotels in Marrakech, was born of a deep longing to escape, explore and discover.

I longed to escape the noise of the world outside and the chatter inside my head.

I longed to surrender to the exotic and intoxicating, to the sensual and romantic.

I longed for silence, disturbed only by a burbling fountain, joyful birdsong and a call to prayer.

I longed to find a place of peace and serenity and by so doing find myself again.

Escaping London and exploring Marrakech for the first time, I was captivated by the biblical medina. How mysterious dirt track alleyways led to these heavenly bejewelled palaces.

I felt like Scheherazade on honeymoon in Morocco and blissfully lost inside an exotic Arabic tale of exquisite beauty and romance.

It ignited a passionate desire to “own” a piece of this ancient world – my very own romantic getaway.

I was excited to shift my design focus, just for a while, from adorning and designing for women to creating an other-worldly interior inspired by this profoundly sensual and romantic place.

I wanted everything I created for Dar Jaguar to emanate from romance, not because this was a place exclusively for lovers, it would inevitably attract those, but because I believe every woman, man and child loves to be enchanted, innocently seduced and transported to another idyllic world.

For this reason, our guests choose Dar Jaguar just as often for their honeymoon in Morocco as for their family holiday, perfect hen party accommodation and for their birthday celebrations.

Lucia x

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