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Our Red City Recommendations

Here, at a glance, is an overview of what we think you’ll enjoy in Marrakech.
There is simply too much to see, smell, taste and touch and not enough time to do it all so I hope that our selection of attractions distracts, inspires and excites you…


Dar Jaguar Sex and the Souk Shopping: Retail Therapy in the medina
There are few more pleasurable ways to spend time in Marrakech than wandering around the seemingly… Read more

Dar Jaguar Some Green Respite: La Mamounia, Arest El-Mamoun and Jardins Majorelles
With green space at a premium in Marrakech, it’s good to know where to seek respite from the African sun. Just… Read more

Dar Jaguar Timing is Everything: The Festivals
Four key events for the diary… Read more


Dar Jaguar The Marrakech Biennale
The Marrakech Biennale has been the catalyst for the Red City’s growing art scene. Housed in an exquisite townhouse… Read more

Dar Jaguar Galerie 127
When Galerie 127 opened in 2006 it became the first photo gallery in the Maghreb and only the third in Africa… Read more

Dar Jaguar David Bloch Gallery
David Bloch Gallery pushes the envelope the most. Set in a contemporary industrial-style space, the focus is on… Read more

Dar Jaguar Galerie Re
Galerie Rê is a serious and lavishly designed contemporary gallery for changing exhibitions by mostly ‘Moroccan… Read more


Dar Jaguar The Dar Si Said Museum
Former home of the brother of Ba Ahmed, builder of the Bahia Palace, now houses a ragtag collection of crafts… Read more

Dar Jaguar Maison de la Photographie
More engaging is the new Maison de la Photographie which displays exhibits from a collection of 8,000 photographs… Read more

Dar Jaguar Douiria Mouassine
The new Douiria Mouassine showcases a restored, petite 17th-century reception apartment detailed with exquisite… Read more

Dar Jaguar Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Arts
The Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Arts (MMPVA) has a temporary home inside the Badii Palace… Read more


Dar Jaguar 100% Unadulterated Leather – The Tannery District
A country of great extremes. Here at the not so spiritual side of the culture, is Marrakech at its most medieval… Read more

Dar Jaguar Graver Sites: The Saadian Tombs
Flanking the south side of the Kasbah Mosque, the site of what is possibly Marrakech’s most visited monument… Read more

Dar Jaguar The Sultan’s Alcazar: The Bahia Palace
The Bahia Palace is both a palace and a set of gardens situated in the Marrakech medina, just along the northern… Read more

Dar Jaguar Marrakech’s Most famous Symbol: The Koutoubia Mosque
Visible from near and far, you can circle the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque (1184 – 1199), Marrakech’s… Read more

Dar Jaguar May your Highest Hopes be Exceeded: Learn about Islamic scripture and law at Medersa Ben Youssef
‘You who enter my door, may your highest hopes be exceeded’ reads the inscription over the entryway to the Ben… Read more

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