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The State of Grace took our breath away. My fiance and I felt like we had been transported to that perfect romantic world that exists in your imagination with an open fireplace, huge four poster bed, copper bath and rose petals…

Elisa, London, February 2015


What inspired this name?

The State of Grace feels noble and empowered. I believe this state is the space we are in when we are most authentic and true to ourselves.

For this very reason, I gave the name, The State of Grace, to my couture fashion business in London.

This suite is very much the pride of Dar Jaguar and in the enduring Romance of my mind, this would have been the Sultan’s room.

This sumptuous suite is a lavishly cocooned private apartment with its own staircase and entrance, huge four-poster bed, private Italian-style “Juliette” balcony, open fireplace and a freestanding copper bath.

I have hung the exquisite Syrian Chandelier underneath the Oriental arches directly opposite The Royal Suite’s balcony. This would be one view to enjoy whilst standing here, the other would be to overlook the gently flowing petal-filled fountain of the Dar Jaguar Courtyard below.

I commissioned a king size four poster bed especially for this room and made the cushions to adorn it from my precious vintage jewel coloured silk velvet, from which I also made the curtains over the balcony.

For romantic winter nights, there had to be an open fireplace. Four state carver chairs – two Victorian leather, inherited from my mother, and two gilt and turquoise silk art deco – sit proudly on the Georgian inspired black and white floor tiling.

The sculpted plasterwork framing the entire suite is over three hundred years old and breath taking in its detail and intricacy. This took six months to restore. These historic features are lit by a magnificent 1800s French crystal chandelier, which I drove all the way from my showroom in London. It needed a more majestic home and this suite is perfectly fitting.

The whole of The State of Grace Bathroom is in lavish black polished tadlekt. It felt to me that this was the perfect setting to highlight the extravagance of the pure copper freestanding bath that I was so thrilled to have made. I placed the bath in the centre between two Syrian hanging lamps. I hope that some enchanting conversations and beautiful memories take place here. My mother always said that, “lovers have the best conversations when in a bath together.”

The State of Grace is perfect for the most magical night, be that an indulgent or romantic getaway or your very special Wedding Night and Honeymoon in Morocco.

The Royal Suite, The State of Grace

Starts from € 199.00 / Night:

Dar Jaguar Freshly prepared breakfast

Dar Jaguar Open Fireplace

Dar Jaguar Four Poster Bed

Dar Jaguar Private Balcony overlooking Courtyard

Dar Jaguar Freestanding Copper Bath

Dar Jaguar Airport Transfer Service on Request

Dar Jaguar Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, No smoking

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